• Catch a sneak peek at the MEATRIX® 2.
  • Leo takes us to a processing facility where we learn how we feed our Fast Food Nation.
  • Our heroes Moopheus, Leo and Chickity expose the dark side of the dairy industry.
  • Take the red pill and watch the critically-acclaimed, award-winning first episode of The MEATRIX® Trilogy.

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Link to The Meatrix Interactive 360°

<a href=”http://www.themeatrix.com/interactive/”><img src=”http://www.themeatrix.com/uploads/2009/12/1-realstory.gif” alt=”The Meatrix Interactive 360″ width=”200″ height=”169″ border=”0″ style=”border:1px solid black” /></a>

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Link to The Meatrix Website

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<a href=”http://www.themeatrix.com/”><img src=”http://www.themeatrix.com/uploads/2009/12/3-TM-ban.gif” alt=”The Meatrix” width=”200″ height=”187″ border=”0″ style=”border:1px solid black” /></a>

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Long Blurbs

The Meatrix Series:
Produced by Sustainable Table and Free Range Studios, The Meatrix, The Meatrix II: Revolting, and The Meatrix II 1/2 expose the dirty truth behind today’s industrial meat and dairy production. The movies use action and humor to educate audiences, while the website offers alternatives to the problems with industrial agriculture. Join our heroes Moopheus, Leo and Chickity as they confront industrial agriculture and help them save small family farms!

The Meatrix:
Produced by Sustainable Table and Free Range Studios, the animated movie The Meatrix spoofs The Matrix while illustrating the problems with industrial agriculture and today’s meat supply. The Meatrix uses pop culture and entertainment to educate viewers about the food they eat and where it comes from. The film features three superhero farm animals including Leo, the young pig who wonders if he is “the One,” Chickity, the feathered family farm defender, and Moopheus, the trench-coat-clad cow with a passion for green pastures. Join the group as they delve into the reality of animal cruelty, antibiotic overuse, massive pollution and destroyed communities.

The Meatrix II: Revolting:
The Meatrix II: Revolting is the sequel to the original smash hit, the critically acclaimed exposé of industrial farming, The Meatrix. The Meatrix II: Revolting continues to spoof the popular Matrix films while educating consumers about the dangers of industrial dairy farming. Much of the movie’s success has been attributed to its unique combination of humor and activism. The sequel delivers even more action, adventure, and humor than the first as Moopheus, Leo, and Chickity plunge into the revolting reality of antibiotic overuse, artificial hormones, and mad cow disease. Produced by Sustainable Table and Free Range Studios.

The Meatrix II 1/2:
The Meatrix action continues in The Meatrix II 1/2 as our heroes Leo and Chickity work to save Moopheus from the “Happy Farms” meat processing plant. There they learn firsthand about dangerous and unsanitary working conditions. Produced by Sustainable Table, Free Range Studios and Participant Media for their Fast Food Nation social action campaign, The Meatrix II 1/2 urges viewers to “Cut the Crap!”

Short Blurbs

The Meatrix:

  • Watch the movie that started it all! The Meatrix spoofs The Matrix and highlights the problems with factory farming. Join our heroes Moopehus, Leo, and Chickity as they help save family farms!
  • Winner of the 2005 Webby Award and viewed by over 15 million people, The Meatrix will change the way you look at meat!

The Meatrix II: Revolting:

  • The Meatrix II: Revolting delivers even more action, adventure, and humor than the first Meatrix, as our heroes Moopehus, Chickity, and Leo plunge into the revolting reality of industrial dairy farming.
  • The original Meatrix movie changed the way we look at meat. The sequel will change way we feel about cheese, watch The Meatrix II: Revolting!

The Meatrix II 1/2:

  • Taking the fast out of fast food! The action continues in the award-winning Meatrix series with The Meatrix II 1/2, as our heroes Moopheus, Leo, and Chickity learn firsthand about the problems with meat processing.
  • Picking up from their last adventure at a dairy farm, Leo and Chickity attempt to rescue Moopheus, who has been kidnapped and taken to a slaughterhouse. Watch The Meatrix II 1/2 to find out what happens!