• Catch a sneak peek at the MEATRIX® 2.
  • Leo takes us to a processing facility where we learn how we feed our Fast Food Nation.
  • Our heroes Moopheus, Leo and Chickity expose the dark side of the dairy industry.
  • Take the red pill and watch the critically-acclaimed, award-winning first episode of The MEATRIX® Trilogy.


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The Meatrix is committed to helping educate people around the world about sustainable food. We encourage you to take action locally – check out the organizations listed below to find ways to get involved. Please help us keep this page current by sending information about additional organizations to leo@themeatrix.com. Also in Dutch.

A  Seed Europe- (Actie voor Solidariteit, Gelijkheid, Milieu en Diversiteit)

A SEED Europe is an international campaigning organization which works from the interactive office in Amsterdam and together with many contacts in the rest of Europe and abroad. The organization targets the structural causes of environmental destruction and social injustice. They do this by campaigning on multinational corporations and their national and international influence spheres and control tools. At the same time they promote sustainable alternatives. A SEED Europe focuses on issues related to the global food chain and climate change: genetic engineering, soy monocultures, power concentration by global agro/biotech giants, agrofuels and meat consumption, and international financial and trade institutions.

De Kleine Aarde

The vision of “The Little Earth” is: ” thinking, local action”. The organization wants to produce and maintain products, tools and services to let people work together on the imperatives of sustainable development. Sustainability provides the primary needs and well-being of the present generation and also improves the possibilities for future generations. “The Little Earth” focuses on the themes of global footprint, food, (re) building and biodiversity.

Agromisa Foundation

Agromisa Foundation works to improve the livelihoods of small-scale farmers, mainly in rural areas in the South, by improving their access to practical information about sustainable agricultural. Agromisa publishes and gives expert advices to farmers and communicates either directly with the farmers or through intermediary organisations.

Platform Aarde Boer Consument

The Platform Earth Farmer Consumer wants to tighten relations between farmers and consumers. The key elements are an alternative Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and a different Agreement on Agriculture (AoA) at the WTO. The proposed alternative is based on food sovereignty both in North and South. This is a concept developed by Via Campesina. It means among other things a fair price for a fair product on national and EU-markets. This also means the right for each country to produce their own food by their own farmers, in a sustainable way. This can only be achieved with import tariffs, effective supply management and abolishment of trade distorting export and income subsidies.

Nederlandse Melkveehouders Vakbond (Critical Dairy Farmers Union)

A fair income for dairy farmers, both in the short and in the long term. NMV supports the Dutch Dairymen Board, part of the European Milk Board. In this Board dairy farmers come together to be more powerful against the dairy processing industry and to obtain a fair price. They also work together with other organisations for a reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and of the WTO.

Nederlandse Akkerbouw Vakbond (Union of Critical Arable Farmers)

A fair income for farmers, both in the short and in the long term. This is the mission of NAV, an association of farmers for farmers.

Werkgroep Landbouw en Inkomen

This organisation criticises the current social crisis of family farming in the Netherlands and works for agriculture to have a stronger social and economical position in the country.

Centrum voor Landbouw en Milieu (Centre for Agriculture and Environment)

The Centre for Agriculture and Environment (CLM) is committed to building sustainable agriculture and an attractive countryside. Sustainable agriculture produces sound food, maintains the environment, and yields an attractive landscape. New, creative thrusts are necessary for the future of the countryside. CLM turns threats into opportunities. They are experts in a wide range of areas: environmentally safe farming, animal welfare, food safety, nature conservation and countryside management, water management, energy production and conservation, agritourism and care farming.