• Catch a sneak peek at the MEATRIX® 2.
  • Leo takes us to a processing facility where we learn how we feed our Fast Food Nation.
  • Our heroes Moopheus, Leo and Chickity expose the dark side of the dairy industry.
  • Take the red pill and watch the critically-acclaimed, award-winning first episode of The MEATRIX® Trilogy.

The Meatrix II 1/2 – Awards and Film Festivals

The Meatrix films have been seen in film festivals around the world, won some awards and received critical acclaim too! See a list below for The Meatrix II 1/2, and check out what festivals have shown The Meatrix and The Meatrix II: Revolting.

Film Festivals


RioFest International Environmental Film Festival – Showing the whole Meatrix series! (Socorro, NM)


Ecocinema International Film Festival Israel – May 15th – May 24th. Showing The Meatrix Series! (Jerusalem, Haifa, and Tel Aviv)

Food For Thought Film Festival – April 5th, 12th, & 19th. They will be screening the whole Meatrix Series on all 3 days! (New York City, NY)

EARTH VISION: the 16th Tokyo Global Environmental Film Festival – March 7th – 9th. Showing The Meatrix 2.5 (Shinjuku, Tokyo )


Poppy Jasper Film Festival – November 9th – 11th. The Meatrix and The Meatrix II: Revolting have shown at previous Poppy Festivals! Now they will be showing The Meatrix II ½! (Morgan Hill, CA)

FilmColumbia Film Festival, Oct. 18th – Oct. 21st. They will be showing the Meatrix series. (Chatham, NY)

CinemAmbiente- International Environmental Film Festival – October 11th – 16th. The Meatrix series will be shown at this environmental film festival in Italy! (Turin, Italy)

SiliCon Short Film Festival – October 5th- 7th. The Meatrix series will be shown amid many horror shorts! Silicon is a multi-media Horror/Sci-Fi/Comic/Anime convention that benefits Diabetes Research. (San Jose, CA)

Global Community Film Festival – Commffest – Sept. 27th – 30th. The festival is at the St. Lawrence Market. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Southern Winds Film Festival – September 12th – 16th. The Meatrix series will play in Downtown Shawnee. (Shawnee, OK)

Dorset Festival – Aug.10th – Aug 12th. The Meatrix will be shown along with some great music and comedy acts at Oakley Farm. (Dorset, England)

The Big Green Gathering – Aug 1st- Aug. 5th. The Meatrix will be shown in The Green Room Theatre at this 5 day camping event. (Somerset, England)

Animation Block Party July 27th – July 30th 2007. The Meatrix II 1/2 playing on a rooftop in Williamsburg. (Brooklyn, NY)

Rural Routes Film Festival – July 20th – 22nd 2007. The Meatrix series will be shown at Anthology Film Archives in the East Village. (New York City, NY)

Urban Vestige Film Festival – July 17th – July 19th. The Meatrix series will be shown during the NY Hip Hop Festival. (New York, NY)

Pixelodean Festival – June 9th & 10th 2007. The annual independent video festival at the American Film Institute (AFI) (Los Angeles, CA)

Daegu Peace Film Festival – July 6th to July 8th 2007. The Meatrix Series will be shown. (Namgu, Daegu, Korea)

4th Green Film Festival in Seoul (GFFIS)- Having shown the original Meatrix, they are excited to follow up with both The Meatrix II & II½ this year! May 17th – May 23rd 2007 (Seoul, Korea)

Reno Film Festival, May 3rd- May 6th, chosen as a finalist in their Indie Shorts Animation Competition! (Reno, NV)

The 2nd Annual Rebel Planet Short Film Festival of Hollywood – April 20th- 22nd 2007 At the Beverly Garland Theater (North Hollywood, CA)

1st annual Ch*Eco*Fest, April 12th- April 15th, 2007. An environmental film festival showing the Meatrix series! Hosted by California State University, Chico. (Chico, CA)

Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival – March 30th to April 1st, 2007 (Seattle, WA)

Raw Lifestyle Film Festival – March 16th- 18th 2007 The Meatrix trilogy will be shown! (West Hollywood, CA)

Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival – March 8- 11th, 2007 (Flagstaff, AZ)

2nd Environmental Film Festival – February 24th, 2007 The Meatrix II 1/2 will be playing along side The Meatrix II: Revolting. The Meatrix I screened in their 1st festival and they are looking forward to the sequel! Eagle View Group, Sierra Club (Davenport, IA)